What it’s like to look at 89 dick pics

We’ve been talking a lot of about sexy selfies and sharing pics with your lover this week. I think most of us have at some point or another received a sexy crotch shot from a boyfriend or girlfriend. Sometimes they can be very titillating and a total turn-on. But other times, we just don’t have the reaction that someone would expect. Instead they can be funny or weird or sometimes, hard to figure out what exactly you are looking at. That’s why me and Max were so amused when we saw this video of a woman looking at 89 dick pics. It’s been going viral and it’s very funny to watch her react to all of the different photos. There’s also a follow up video!

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Love and Sexting



If you’ve looked at our website in the last several weeks, you would have seen our photo set called Taking Sexy Selfies. The title is exactly what it sounds like. Max photographed me while I was taking some very sexy selfies for him. Of course our version is a little bit different than the average person but it got me thinking about how technology has changed relationships and even sex.

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