Love, Sex, and Intimacy


Everyone knows that relationships are at their best when you have an active sex life. It’s a way to connect physically and emotionally. Having sex with your lover is something that is so beautiful and intimate and it makes you feel close to one another. Not to mention that it gets that oxytocin flowing and really makes you feel happy after! But even the best of us can sometimes get distracted with our day to day obligations. Whether it’s work, kids, household chores or whatever else is eating up your time, sometimes you reach the end of the day and all you want to do is veg out.

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Let’s Get It On

In our home, we don’t need much inspiration to have sex. But every now and then, we might hear a song and suddenly it is like the engine is revved and we can’t keep our hands off each other! This happens to just about everyone. There are always going to be those songs that you hear and suddenly make you feel turned on. They are the best songs to make love to and they can really add the perfect ambiance to time with your lover.

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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder



We have to admit that it has been a while since our usual update. We feel bad when we don’t keep up with our regular schedule but sometimes a lot of life gets in the way. The good news is that we have started shooting again this week and will have new updates for you soon! But our time away had us thinking about what it’s like when you are in a relationship and spend some time apart from your lover. Sometimes it might just be a trip that one of you takes for a few weeks or maybe you are separated temporarily and can only have a long distance relationship. But when you see your lover again it is like fireworks going off! Nothing makes your heart grow (and your body feel more horny) than having to spend time away from your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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What counts as real sex?


What kind of acts do you count as “real” sex? A recent article on Jezebel brings up an interesting difference in the attitudes between Americans and the French when it comes to sex. As we all know, in North America oral sex is usually treated as something sexual but it is more like a stop that is on the way to full intercourse. But in France, oral sex is treated just like intercourse. In fact, in a lot of cases it is seen as being a lot more intimate and special than regular intercourse.

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Unconventionally Sexy


For most people, there are very typical things that they find attractive or sexy in a partner. In a woman it could be having long flowing hair, beautiful curves and full lips. And it’s typical for sexy men to be described as “tall, dark and handsome”. But what about the other things that you find sexy about someone? It can be relate to their looks but sometimes, when you are in a relationship, it’s in the little idiosyncrasies of the way they go about their daily life. Like the way that someone makes their coffee or reads the newspaper. I think when you have been together for a long time, like Max and I have been, that is what starts to make your lover even more attractive.

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Sex on TV – Masters of Sex



There are a lot of sexy shows on television but the original series Masters of Sex might be the smartest show on television too. This program is a fictional account about the real life sex researchers Dr. William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson. They followed in the footsteps of Alfred Kinsey and undertook a lot of work to design experiments that would allow them to learn more about how the human body responds to sexual stimulation. It sounds a little bit dry but the stylish landscape of the 1950s paired with the personal relationships of the characters makes it very intriguing. Continue reading

50 Shades of Grey Movie

The Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is out and it’s heating up computer screens everywhere. If you’re not familiar with this upcoming movie, it is based on the book trilogy that has been giving housewives a lot of naughty ideas. The story follows a young woman who meets a mysterious billionaire and quickly falls into his world of BDSM and submission. For a lot of women, it made them want to become more adventurous with their own partners.

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Can Sex Just Be Physical?



One of the great things about our job here at Pornographic Love is that I get to have sex on camera with the man that I love. It is not the usual porn set up where I am just working with any actor that is going to be in the film. Of course most porn actors are good at creating chemistry with total strangers but it doesn’t always work. That’s why it’s nice that I just work with Max (and sometimes with other women I know). Since we are a couple, we know what each other likes and we know how to touch each other just perfectly so that we receive the maximum amount of pleasure. But it got me thinking, do you have to be in a relationship to have great sex?

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Sex Misconceptions

buzzfeed list

Admit it, when you were a kid you probably had some confusing ideas about sex. We saw this Buzzfeed list recently of things that people believed about sex when they were kids and it had us laughing for a very long time! A lot of the beliefs were just general misconceptions about anatomy like the one listed above.  Continue reading

Strangers Undress Each Other in UNDRESS ME Video

There is a sexy new video making the rounds on the internet! It is similar to the “strangers first kiss” video that was made earlier this year but that one turned out to be an advertisement for a clothing brand. In this video we get to experience the intimacy of strangers undressing each other for the first time.

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