Consensual Photos are the Sexiest Photos


If you live under a rock you might not have heard that a bunch of nude selfies of celebrities were hacked and released onto the internet this weekend. Personally, I think that isn’t fair to these celebrities. Like most people, these women took these photos in private and meant for them to only be seen by their boyfriends or husbands. It is super creepy that anyone would feel the need to expose the private photos of these women. For some of these hackers, the enjoyment they get isn’t about seeing the naked celebrity, it’s more about the potential to humiliate them.

That’s why we think it’s important to support the porn industry and women who want to share images of their body with everyone! We have made a conscious decision to put our sex life on the internet. You can say a lot of things about it but the one thing that is for sure is that we are not exploiting anyone. In fact, it is the complete opposite.

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Taking Sexy Selfies


Our latest set of photos shows me doing something that most people in a relationship do: I am taking sexy selfies! I love doing this because it is an easy way to let Max know that I am thinking about him. Plus when I pose like this I get to have extra fun showing off my body and knowing that it will brighten my lover’s day.

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Spontaneous Seduction leading To love


I was feeling very casual when we started off this photo set. Like most people, I enjoy a bit of downtime to relax and play with my phone. I was super comfortable because I was wearing Max’s button up shirt and it is so big in me. When I wear it, it feels like a big hug around my body. But pretty soon I could tell that Max was getting turned on. I can’t resist him when he feels like that so I decided to have some fun with him…

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Some Tease In Pink Lingerie


Is there anything sexier than a set of brand new silky pink lingerie and a pair of tall black heels? I felt so seductive in this outfit that I had to share it with you. The luxurious fabric of my lingerie makes me feel like a classic pin-up beauty! Every girl wants to feel like this from time to time. I’m here on the couch posing just for you…

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Pretty Tease In The Sunlight


Spring is finally near and I crave for the hot days ahead. I can’t wait to enjoy the soft weather and the long times outside, the bicycle rides and the drinks on Montreal’s best terrasses. It’s crazy how every year I’m so happy when Winter and it’s snow arrive but every year I’m so happy when it goes away to make room for the grass and welcoming the birds… I love to feel the sun on my skin and I can’t wait to wear less clothing… Continue reading

My Tricks to (maybe) Achieve Squirting Orgams


I often receive questions about my “female ejaculation skills” so I have decided today to share with you my tricks on how to achieve a squirting orgasm. The most common questions I get are “how do you do ?” and “how does it feel” but I think that the real question is “Can every women is able to do it ?”. I think that yes we can all do it but it is not as easy for everyone…

For my part it was not that simple, let’s say that I’m not a “natural squirter” Max and I had to work on it… We wanted it to happen so we’ve tried different methods, I also did some research over Internet. I discovered that a lot of girls can squirt just when they touch the right (G)spot, even no needs to be arouse or excited. Some can even squirt with just a clitoral stimulation… and the Hitachi Magic Wand seems to be the weapon of choice. I did not reach that level yet but I’m working hard on it…lol

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Porn SFW

I don’t know if you’ve have seen this promotional video from the clothing brand Diesel that was adding funny cartoons over vintage porn ? It’s maybe 3 years old but Max and I came across it and we found it just brilliantly hilarious !  This is such a good idea to turn NSFW to SFW, and the choices of the drawings is absolutely amazing…

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Sweet Teasing in Seductive Pastels


This is a very cute photo set, all in the smooth pastel colors of the daylight… I’m simply sitting in our comfy bed and reading a book. I’m all relaxed by myself and Max can’t resist, of course, to take pictures of me. I confess, it makes me feel sexy and you can really see it in the photos. Continue reading

Kissing Leading to a Sensual Blowjob


It amaze me sometimes how my sexual connection with Max is still so strong… Kissing him and tasting him just drives me crazy! In this photo set you can see how much I transform into my full sexual self with the help of his languorous kisses and caresses. Continue reading

Sweet and Sexy in my Cute Flowery Top


It seems that Max tends to find me sexy at some rather unexpected times… On this particular day, I came back from work wearing a top he had previously bought to me and he simply told me that I looked very pretty and that I should just take off my jeans and let him take pictures of me. I just love it when he does that… It’s spontaneous and it make me feel really beautiful… Continue reading