Unconventionally Sexy


For most people, there are very typical things that they find attractive or sexy in a partner. In a woman it could be having long flowing hair, beautiful curves and full lips. And it’s typical for sexy men to be described as “tall, dark and handsome”. But what about the other things that you find sexy about someone? It can be relate to their looks but sometimes, when you are in a relationship, it’s in the little idiosyncrasies of the way they go about their daily life. Like the way that someone makes their coffee or reads the newspaper. I think when you have been together for a long time, like Max and I have been, that is what starts to make your lover even more attractive.

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Gone Camping


Hello friends! We just got back from a long weekend of camping and fun. If you’ve followed us for a while you know that we love to go camping whenever we get the chance. Living in Montreal is great but sometimes it is a treat to get out of the big city and out into nature. Luckily, Quebec has a lot of area that is all natural, beautiful forests and provincial parks as well as many lakes and streams. There is something we really love about getting away from it all and getting into a more natural environment. It makes us feel like we are connecting with the earth and almost like we are connecting with history – after all, there was a time when “camping” was simply how all of the people around here lived.

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Blowjob and Balls Sucking in the Sunlight


It’s been a while since Max and I posted a new video on our PornographicLove.com website but here we are, back at making beautiful alt sex videos for you to enjoy, share and climax to. This week we are very excited to share this super sexy and smooth blowjob video with you. We made it with a lot of love I hope you’ll enjoy it. It as a casual, everyday life kind of atmosphere and I truly devote my self for the love of making my boyfriend come… Continue reading

Beautiful Face Sitting and Deep Orgasms


A big part of Max and I sex life is based on oral sex and masturbation. And I can tell that my orgasms are very different and a lot more intense when Max give me a good cunnilingus. I’m definitely a clitoral woman, that means that I achieve more easily and that my orgasms are more satisfying when my clitoris is stimulated than only vaginal or anal penetration… Off course, a finger slipped  inside my butt or my pussy is always more than welcome… In this week’s update, you can witness my strong and deep orgasm when I’m sitting on Max’s face while he is masturbating… Continue reading

We’ve won at Feminist Porn Awards 2013!!

BHJWRDCCIAAv1Ce.jpg large

I’m very proud to announce that Max and I have won a beautiful award at the 2013 Good For Her Feminist Porn Awards in the “Honoured Website Of The Year” category !!!

If you don’t know yet these awards and what it need to be nominated, here what they are all about :

 “1) Women and/or traditionally marginalized people were involved in the direction, production and/or conception of the work.

2) The work depicts genuine pleasure, agency and desire for all performers, especially women and traditionally marginalized people.

 3) The work expands the boundaries of sexual representation on film, challenges stereotypes and presents a vision that sets the content apart from most mainstream pornography.  This may include depicting a diversity of desires, types of people, bodies, sexual practices, and/or an anti-racist or anti-oppression framework throughout the production.
And of course it must be hot!”
We had the chance to be nominated last year in the same category amongst great folks but we sadly did not win… Being nominated again this year was such a surprise and a reward, but winning did not even crossed my mind ! I’m feeling so blessed and proud !! Thank you all for making this site possible !!

And special thanks to Sophie Delancey who got to pick up the award for us at the ceremony :) What a cute trophy !! A glass butt plug with a bunny tail !! Can’t wait to have it in my home… Yeay !


Morning Deep Penetration


When two persons love each other something special is happening. For some people it can be complicated but for Max and I it makes everything so much more simple. There is such a deep connection between us, you know the fusional kind, that make us capable of understanding each other desires and feeling a lot better. Because of that special bound lovemaking is very filling us up as we give and receive physical energy. I sometimes say that it “recharge my batteries” especially in this long end-of-winter… In this week’s video update Max and I are naked together simply making love in our warm bed, without flaflas…just some beautiful and deep lovemaking in the morning… Continue reading

My Tricks to (maybe) Achieve Squirting Orgams


I often receive questions about my “female ejaculation skills” so I have decided today to share with you my tricks on how to achieve a squirting orgasm. The most common questions I get are “how do you do ?” and “how does it feel” but I think that the real question is “Can every women is able to do it ?”. I think that yes we can all do it but it is not as easy for everyone…

For my part it was not that simple, let’s say that I’m not a “natural squirter” Max and I had to work on it… We wanted it to happen so we’ve tried different methods, I also did some research over Internet. I discovered that a lot of girls can squirt just when they touch the right (G)spot, even no needs to be arouse or excited. Some can even squirt with just a clitoral stimulation… and the Hitachi Magic Wand seems to be the weapon of choice. I did not reach that level yet but I’m working hard on it…lol

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Sex is The Key To My Heart


In this week’s video update Max and I are making love in a very passionate way… Not in the bed or on the sofa but directly on the living room floor. I start by teasing him the best way I can, I’m stretching, bending and caressing my body in all senses wearing the cutest body suit ever. All in white lace and with a very sexy heart shaped hole right over my buttocks, it was the perfect way to make me feel sexy for my man…



“You could not be more beautiful then when I can see the love in your eyes. The smile you give me when we are together light up your face in such a special way, it make me feel different. And when we touch each others, when we connect by our sexuality I feel that you own my heart, you are my heart. I could not dream of a better loved one than you, I love you so, Max xxx”

You can watch the full video on our beautiful website and why not enjoy more of our erotic films with your better half ?

Erotic Love and Powerful Squirting


For me this video is a real demonstration of the kind of extremely bonded couple Max and I are. Through the sexual energy we share, I can see how much we are meant to be together. When we are making love we are connecting like I’ve never experienced before with anyone else… Continue reading

Kissing Leading to a Sensual Blowjob


It amaze me sometimes how my sexual connection with Max is still so strong… Kissing him and tasting him just drives me crazy! In this photo set you can see how much I transform into my full sexual self with the help of his languorous kisses and caresses. Continue reading