Love, Sex, and Intimacy


Everyone knows that relationships are at their best when you have an active sex life. It’s a way to connect physically and emotionally. Having sex with your lover is something that is so beautiful and intimate and it makes you feel close to one another. Not to mention that it gets that oxytocin flowing and really makes you feel happy after! But even the best of us can sometimes get distracted with our day to day obligations. Whether it’s work, kids, household chores or whatever else is eating up your time, sometimes you reach the end of the day and all you want to do is veg out.

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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder



We have to admit that it has been a while since our usual update. We feel bad when we don’t keep up with our regular schedule but sometimes a lot of life gets in the way. The good news is that we have started shooting again this week and will have new updates for you soon! But our time away had us thinking about what it’s like when you are in a relationship and spend some time apart from your lover. Sometimes it might just be a trip that one of you takes for a few weeks or maybe you are separated temporarily and can only have a long distance relationship. But when you see your lover again it is like fireworks going off! Nothing makes your heart grow (and your body feel more horny) than having to spend time away from your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Unconventionally Sexy


For most people, there are very typical things that they find attractive or sexy in a partner. In a woman it could be having long flowing hair, beautiful curves and full lips. And it’s typical for sexy men to be described as “tall, dark and handsome”. But what about the other things that you find sexy about someone? It can be relate to their looks but sometimes, when you are in a relationship, it’s in the little idiosyncrasies of the way they go about their daily life. Like the way that someone makes their coffee or reads the newspaper. I think when you have been together for a long time, like Max and I have been, that is what starts to make your lover even more attractive.

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Totally Naked For Lovemaking


Do you ever feel stressed out? I feel that way from time to time. That’s why I feel so lucky to have Max. When he and I are together, even if it’s just for a little while I can concentrate on being with him and not worry so much. They say that sex is a great stress reliever and I think it’s true! When Max and I make love I can feel myself relax and feel the tension melting out of my body.

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Love Linked In Beautiful Sexual Embrace



Lovemaking can sometimes be intense and spontaneous… In this beautiful video update Max and I have truly let ourselves go, we just listened to our bodies and let our instinct lead us to pleasure. We made love standing naked and looking at each other, smiling, laughing and moaning until we reach an intense climax… Continue reading

Teasing You In the Pink Light


It’s the first photo set we did in our new amazingly sensational big bed! The bed is King size and is very high, I almost to jump to get on it. The mattress all made of memory foam and is incredibly comfy… It is also I brand new playground for love making since the bed is high enough for Max to stay stand up when he penetrate me and it as all these metal bars all around for us to help us try new positions… I don’t want to tease you but it is the best bed in the world even if it is a bit dangerous to become an addict and want to enjoy your bed all day long… Continue reading

Sexy Rubbing and Licking As a Prelude To Love


I just love when my man is giving me a lot of attention before making love to me, he truly knows how to prepare my body to receive him. He takes his time, he tease me, he blow here and there… I moan a bit, I want more.

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Beautiful Face Sitting and Deep Orgasms


A big part of Max and I sex life is based on oral sex and masturbation. And I can tell that my orgasms are very different and a lot more intense when Max give me a good cunnilingus. I’m definitely a clitoral woman, that means that I achieve more easily and that my orgasms are more satisfying when my clitoris is stimulated than only vaginal or anal penetration… Off course, a finger slipped  inside my butt or my pussy is always more than welcome… In this week’s update, you can witness my strong and deep orgasm when I’m sitting on Max’s face while he is masturbating… Continue reading

We’ve won at Feminist Porn Awards 2013!!

BHJWRDCCIAAv1Ce.jpg large

I’m very proud to announce that Max and I have won a beautiful award at the 2013 Good For Her Feminist Porn Awards in the “Honoured Website Of The Year” category !!!

If you don’t know yet these awards and what it need to be nominated, here what they are all about :

 “1) Women and/or traditionally marginalized people were involved in the direction, production and/or conception of the work.

2) The work depicts genuine pleasure, agency and desire for all performers, especially women and traditionally marginalized people.

 3) The work expands the boundaries of sexual representation on film, challenges stereotypes and presents a vision that sets the content apart from most mainstream pornography.  This may include depicting a diversity of desires, types of people, bodies, sexual practices, and/or an anti-racist or anti-oppression framework throughout the production.
And of course it must be hot!”
We had the chance to be nominated last year in the same category amongst great folks but we sadly did not win… Being nominated again this year was such a surprise and a reward, but winning did not even crossed my mind ! I’m feeling so blessed and proud !! Thank you all for making this site possible !!

And special thanks to Sophie Delancey who got to pick up the award for us at the ceremony :) What a cute trophy !! A glass butt plug with a bunny tail !! Can’t wait to have it in my home… Yeay !


Fuck My Mouth With All Your Love


I enjoy these cozy moments with my sweet man… With him some innocent cuddles on the sofa can turn out as hot sensual foreplays.  When I’m having a nap on his laps and I can feel his erection growing, it never takes long for me to understand what he want… In this passionate video i please my man and I offer him my soft mouth for he takes his pleasure. It’s a beautiful blowjob with a very generous cumshot… Continue reading