Orgasms and Orientation



Add this one to the list of interesting sexual facts: a new study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine says that lesbians are more likely to have orgasms during sex than women who are bisexual or heterosexual. The study was open to men and women of all sexual orientations and information was collected from 6,151 people between the ages of 21 and 65. The study then had a subgroup of people who identify as single. They asked the participants to identify their gender, orientation and percentage of time they orgasm with a familiar partner on a scale of 0 to 100. Here’s what they found out.

Unsurprisingly, when they analyzed the mens results the amount of orgasms did not vary widely depending on the man’s sexual orientation. Gay, straight and bisexual all generally have an orgasm rate between 77 and 85% when they have sex. However, for women the numbers had a huge difference based on their sexual orientation!

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Lily and Bella Lesbian Love Games


My sweet friend Bella came to visit us! We had such fun times, like every time we see her… Her skin is so soft and she is so sensual that we could not resist to play some little love games together. We rarely invite other persons in our sex life but when we do it’s always together and with people we both truly like. Continue reading