Unconventionally Sexy


For most people, there are very typical things that they find attractive or sexy in a partner. In a woman it could be having long flowing hair, beautiful curves and full lips. And it’s typical for sexy men to be described as “tall, dark and handsome”. But what about the other things that you find sexy about someone? It can be relate to their looks but sometimes, when you are in a relationship, it’s in the little idiosyncrasies of the way they go about their daily life. Like the way that someone makes their coffee or reads the newspaper. I think when you have been together for a long time, like Max and I have been, that is what starts to make your lover even more attractive.

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Gone Camping


Hello friends! We just got back from a long weekend of camping and fun. If you’ve followed us for a while you know that we love to go camping whenever we get the chance. Living in Montreal is great but sometimes it is a treat to get out of the big city and out into nature. Luckily, Quebec has a lot of area that is all natural, beautiful forests and provincial parks as well as many lakes and streams. There is something we really love about getting away from it all and getting into a more natural environment. It makes us feel like we are connecting with the earth and almost like we are connecting with history – after all, there was a time when “camping” was simply how all of the people around here lived.

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Sex on TV – Masters of Sex



There are a lot of sexy shows on television but the original series Masters of Sex might be the smartest show on television too. This program is a fictional account about the real life sex researchers Dr. William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson. They followed in the footsteps of Alfred Kinsey and undertook a lot of work to design experiments that would allow them to learn more about how the human body responds to sexual stimulation. It sounds a little bit dry but the stylish landscape of the 1950s paired with the personal relationships of the characters makes it very intriguing. Continue reading

Passionate Lovemaking Bathed in Beautiful Daylight


Lily and Max are having passionate lovemaking bathed in beautiful daylight

This week’s video really took advantage of our beautiful surroundings. Max and I wanted to create a luscious looking video where you could really enjoy the softness of the afternoon sunshine as it soaked through the window and onto my skin. We have shot all kind of videos but there is always a special quality to those that make use of the daylight as a means of lighting and illumination.

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Ask Pornographic Love

Ask Lily and Max from Pornographic Love Max and I have been working on Pornographic Love for a few years now. Our highest aim has always been to create beautiful high quality videos that show the sex life of a real, loving couple. It is a breath of fresh air in an industry that so often has fake orgasms and actors with no chemistry. We like to think that we have been a part of a group of trailblazers who are redefining what it means to make porn. And now we are ready to answer any questions you might have for us!  Continue reading

Soft Girlfriend Tease In Grey

Lily Gives A Soft Girlfriend Tease In Grey 1

I am really happy with how this week’s photoshoot turned out. I feel sexy for different reasons all throughout the year but these photos have a soft sensual feel that makes for a very dreamy atmosphere. When I saw how they turned out it made me think that they look like living in the world of a ¬†fantasy – perhaps the world of a sex fantasy. I love the simplicity of the entire shoot. It’s just me wearing a simple grey tank dress and some thigh high grey stockings. An outfit that is so minimalist but it makes me feel incredibly desirable and it’s not just because I skipped out on wearing panties. I even enjoyed having the grey cloth flower in my hair. All of it comes together to create a beautiful theme that is like an ethereal reverie.

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Living Naked


To do our job, you have to be really comfortable with being nudity – that is pretty obvious! Max and I are clearly used to being naked or in a state of undress on camera and around our house. But other people may have different preferences. It makes us wonder, are you comfortable being naked around your house? Continue reading

50 Shades of Grey Movie

The Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is out and it’s heating up computer screens everywhere. If you’re not familiar with this upcoming movie, it is based on the book trilogy that has been giving housewives a lot of naughty ideas. The story follows a young woman who meets a mysterious billionaire and quickly falls into his world of BDSM and submission. For a lot of women, it made them want to become more adventurous with their own partners.

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Can Sex Just Be Physical?



One of the great things about our job here at Pornographic Love is that I get to have sex on camera with the man that I love. It is not the usual porn set up where I am just working with any actor that is going to be in the film. Of course most porn actors are good at creating chemistry with total strangers but it doesn’t always work. That’s why it’s nice that I just work with Max (and sometimes with other women I know). Since we are a couple, we know what each other likes and we know how to touch each other just perfectly so that we receive the maximum amount of pleasure. But it got me thinking, do you have to be in a relationship to have great sex?

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A Tender Yet Steamy Blowjob By The Window

A tender yet steamy blowjob by the window 1

Our latest update is a very beautiful video of me giving Max a blowjob. There is so much to enjoy when I am performing oral sex on Max. It is an incredible feeling to know the kind of pleasure that I am giving him. It feels so soft and sensual. In this video I was really able to just take my time with him. I also found that my surroundings had quite an influence on me. There is the soft sheer fabric of the curtains by the window. You can see the way that the soft light shines through and illuminates my skin. When I look at the video now it feels so gauzy and dream like. And that dreamy feeling is just perfect for a slow and tender blowjob.

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