Let’s Get It On

In our home, we don’t need much inspiration to have sex. But every now and then, we might hear a song and suddenly it is like the engine is revved and we can’t keep our hands off each other! This happens to just about everyone. There are always going to be those songs that you hear and suddenly make you feel turned on. They are the best songs to make love to and they can really add the perfect ambiance to time with your lover.

The funny part is that everyone has different taste in music so a song that sounds sexy to one person might sound boring to another person. Let’s Get It On is kind of a classic but some people might view it as cheesy. So what about this song by Air called La Femme D’argent? This is also a good option.

Maybe you prefer a slower song from the R&B genre like this one by D’Angelo.

And sometimes nothing is sexier than some deep slow rock & roll like the Black Keys.

Whatever you prefer, there are always a lot of options available. So what are you waiting for? Turn on your stereo and start making love.


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