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  1. Just wondering (possibly a blog post topic?)
    What are you’re thoughts of a man saying, ” I want to make love to you.”?

    At my work Christmas party a few nights ago, I was semi-drunkenly discussing seduction techniques with a few female co-workers. When I mentioned the phrase, they looked at eachother, laughed and told me. “No one calls it ‘making love’ anymore.”

    So has any man ever said it to you? Do you say it? I admit I’ve used it a few times in the heat of the moment. Is it just semantics to say fucking or making love? Is there a difference between how you fuck someone and how you would ‘make love’ to them?
    Thank you!

  2. Hello Chris,
    well I am surely the kind of girl who sees a difference between “fucking” and “love making”…
    I will definitely talk about it here…
    Thanks for your support,

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  5. Hi, Lily Anne.

    You are simply beautiful. I’d like to keep updated on the art of you as I’m sure many people would. With that in mind, with love, could get the RSS feed fixed? I’m sure I’m doing a huge number of people a favor for being upfront… to get to know you better would be an experience many would love to have.

    Thank you for being so beautiful!


  6. Hello Clarissa,
    I have checked for the RSS feed and everything seems to be OK now :)
    Thanks a lot for your kind words’ it,s very flaterring.
    With big kisses,

  7. hola lilyanne, eres una mujer muy hermosa y que irradias sensualidad, me gustaria que aceptaras mi amistad ya que yo quiero aceptar la tuya y quien sabe si algun dia nos pudieramos conocer en persona yo vivo en las islas canarias españa, islas paradisiacas si te da curiosidad te invito. un saludo

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