Baby Got Back

It seems like the world can’t stop talking about the new video Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. And we’re not surprised! This song and video are getting a lot of attention for all the right reasons. For one thing, this song is like a new version of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-lot. Only instead of a man talking about women’s butts, this new song has Nicki talking about some of her best hookups and showing off her own beautiful big butt.

The beat brings back memories of the original song and takes us back to a time of high school dances and our first boy-girl parties. If this song doesn’t make you want to get down on the dance floor immediately there might be something wrong with you. Or maybe it’s just our love of dancing and good beats coming through!

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Girlband ADAM Orgasms While Singing


Have you seen this pretty audacious and unusual music video from Aussie girlband ADAM running viral on the Net lately? These girls surely knows how to get attention since they’ve filmed themselves experiencing orgasm while singing their single “Go to Go”.         Continue reading

Monarchy X Dita Von Teese

I came across this absolutely brilliant music video of the band Monarchy featuring the stunning Dita Von Teese called “Disintegration” ! And not only she is appearing in the video but she is also singing, and amazingly she does it… The video was directed by Roy Raz who I’ve discover is a very talented young Israeli director. According to Andrew Armstong, one of the band members  Dita’s character in the video is “A 1950s style housewife stuck in a toxic, dry relationship. She’s fantasizing, releasing herself in a dream world of lovers”…

The song is very good, like I really love it and this music video made me discover Monarchy but when I’ve look for more from the band I did not liked it as much as this… I don’t really like the voice of the singer and it reminds me of some kind of a “way too much inspired by The Presets” to be innovative. And The Presets is for sure one of my favourite band EVER so I don’t think I’ll become the biggest fan of Monarchy… Still that song is very good and I now have it in my Ipod :)

Filmmaker Cédric Blaisbois

I came across a pretty cool music video of the song Corporate Occult by HUORATRON several weeks ago. The song is nice but the music video is even better so I decided to find more about the filmmaker. You should probably know by now how much I love finding new films and videos, especially ones which are so connected with beautiful music.

His name is Cédric Blaisbois and I assume he is French by the name, most likely from France. From what I have seen so far he seems to have a special interest in sex, so obviously it has made me more curious…  I really like his aesthetic and I think his work is very inspiring … Another filmmaker to follow! He has a beautiful website where you can find each of his works, but here are a few of my favorites…

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Unexpected Handjob in Tight Blue Jeans


When I am feeling particularly sassy, I really enjoy surprising my boyfriend with a sex threat of sorts… In this week’s video update, I give Max a simple but skillful handjob right there in our kitchen. He was about to eat toast with some of my delicious homemade blueberry jam, but I arrived at the right moment to give him the sweetness he deserved. When he felt my warm breasts on his back and my tight jeans under his hands, he knew he was about to get spoiled… Continue reading