Soft Girlfriend Tease In Grey

Lily Gives A Soft Girlfriend Tease In Grey 1

I am really happy with how this week’s photoshoot turned out. I feel sexy for different reasons all throughout the year but these photos have a soft sensual feel that makes for a very dreamy atmosphere. When I saw how they turned out it made me think that they look like living in the world of a  fantasy – perhaps the world of a sex fantasy. I love the simplicity of the entire shoot. It’s just me wearing a simple grey tank dress and some thigh high grey stockings. An outfit that is so minimalist but it makes me feel incredibly desirable and it’s not just because I skipped out on wearing panties. I even enjoyed having the grey cloth flower in my hair. All of it comes together to create a beautiful theme that is like an ethereal reverie.

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Rainy Day Tease and Sensual Blowjob

rainy day tease and sensual blowjob

This week’s photoshoot was a lot of fun. You can see from the pictures (and our title) that it was raining outside but we decided to have fun indoors anyway! There’s something so sensual about the rain. How many times have you been caught in a sudden downpour with your lover and had a passionate make out session right then and there? Max and I have had times like that. It is even better when the rain turns into a thunderstorm. The storm reminds us of all how powerful and consuming nature can be. That’s why it feels like the best time to run inside and peel off our wet clothes. We let our sexual instincts take over and simply enjoy the ride. If you haven’t made love during a thunderstorm, you are missing out!

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Cute and Flirty In a Lovely Crochet Dress

Lily is cute and flirty in a lovely crochet dress

In this week’s photo update I decided to get a bit flirtatious while wearing a beautiful crochet dress. You have probably noticed from some of our previous updates how much I love experimenting with different textures when it comes to my clothing. There can be the amazing silky touch of a kimono, the sensual criss cross pattern of fishnet stockings, the elegance of lace. It is incredible to realize how much the texture of clothing can influence how I feel. So for this shoot I am wearing a crochet dress and it got me feeling very fun and flirty. It’s interesting because crochet can sometimes feel very warm and welcoming, like a big sweater. But since this is a small dress it is also very sexy. It shows off my best assets and there are parts of it where my skin really shows through. It feels like the perfect outfit to wear if I’m going to tease Max a little bit.

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Daydream In Green Summer Dress




I love wearing fun flirty dresses and this green summer dress was the perfect style for me to tease Max. This dress is short and I love letting Max get a peak of my body. He knows my body so well already but it’s still more fun to be playful and let him only see a little bit of me at first. I feel so sexy when I know he’s watching me and eager to see more.

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Taking Sexy Selfies


Our latest set of photos shows me doing something that most people in a relationship do: I am taking sexy selfies! I love doing this because it is an easy way to let Max know that I am thinking about him. Plus when I pose like this I get to have extra fun showing off my body and knowing that it will brighten my lover’s day.

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Playful Tease At Bedtime


Sometimes you have one of those restless nights when you can’t get off to sleep. That’s how I was feeling in this set of photos. I wanted to stay up and have fun just like a little kid who tries to stay up past bedtime. Lucky for Max, when I am in this kind of playful mood it benefits him as well. The good thing is that making love can calm me down so that I can finally go to sleep. Do you ever feel like this?

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Some Tease In Pink Lingerie


Is there anything sexier than a set of brand new silky pink lingerie and a pair of tall black heels? I felt so seductive in this outfit that I had to share it with you. The luxurious fabric of my lingerie makes me feel like a classic pin-up beauty! Every girl wants to feel like this from time to time. I’m here on the couch posing just for you…

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Sweet seduction In Flashy Sneakers


I’ve always had a big love for sneakers shoes. Back in the days I was even collecting some very rare sneakers, I was a bit of a Sneakers Head. In the latest Pornographic Love photo set I go back to my roots and show my sexiness in pretty flashy AirMax90. I already knew that Max love my little tomboy side, he find it more sexy to watch me in my everyday clothes than in some fancy lingerie. So when he told me he find me so sexy with these shoes on, I couldn’t resist at teasing him… Continue reading

Teasing You In the Pink Light


It’s the first photo set we did in our new amazingly sensational big bed! The bed is King size and is very high, I almost to jump to get on it. The mattress all made of memory foam and is incredibly comfy… It is also I brand new playground for love making since the bed is high enough for Max to stay stand up when he penetrate me and it as all these metal bars all around for us to help us try new positions… I don’t want to tease you but it is the best bed in the world even if it is a bit dangerous to become an addict and want to enjoy your bed all day long… Continue reading

Cute Tease On The Washing Machine


Every imaginable place can turn a sexy spot when I feel horny… So why not on the washing machine? It seems that my boyfriend find me sexy in all sorts of way I never though of. When I see the sparkle in his eyes it starts a fire in my heart and just feel like playing the game of teasing him. A sassy look, a little less clothes and I know how to turn it into a blaze of desire for us to consume…

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