A Juicy Orgasm For Her


Every now and then I like it when Max puts all of his attention on me and that’s what you’ll see in our newest video. Max was incredible with the way he touches me. He knows how to bring me to an intense squirting orgasm and today he did it again. I think you’ll enjoy seeing how we endeavour together to create a beautiful gushing orgasm.

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Oral Pleasure with Some Squirting on the Washing Machine



I know that my boyfriend is finding me sexy in all sorts of ways and situations that I cant expect. One of the situation in which he finds me especially sexy is when I’m doing laundry. When he gets the chance he sit around and watch me bend between the washer and the dryer…  Continue reading

Max Gives Lily a Wonderful Squirting Orgasm


I can easily say that I’m the luckiest girlfriend in the world. My sweet boyfriend have so much bliss at giving me pleasure and he is so good at it. I don’t need to repeat that for now he is the only one who can give me squirting orgasms, he is like my Master of Squirt lol! Continue reading

Erotic Love and Powerful Squirting


For me this video is a real demonstration of the kind of extremely bonded couple Max and I are. Through the sexual energy we share, I can see how much we are meant to be together. When we are making love we are connecting like I’ve never experienced before with anyone else… Continue reading

Squirt Compilation!


We had received several comments and requests concerning our squirt videos… It seems that people wanted to see more amazing juicy female orgasms lately, so we have decided that it was the perfect time to give our viewers a squirt compilation video. My boyfriend Max and I have a special love for this so beautiful sexual act. It took time for us to achieve it but now that we can experience it we are very proud to share it with you… Continue reading

La Crème de la Squirt


In one of her latest articles for a great blog called Peeperz, my friend Sophie Delancey wrote an extensive piece about squirting. But not juzt any squirting, la crème de la squirt! I love this title! Anyway, I was lucky enough to be mentioned in the article right next to big names like Jiz Lee, what an honor!

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Soaked Orgasmic Pleasures


In our latest video I totally pleased myself with a marvelous new sex toy… It’s very rare that I do that, but I think it’s definitely not going to be the last time… Continue reading

Intense Orgasm and Beautiful Squirting



This week’s Pornographic Love video update is very intimate. I was a lucky girlfriend as Max treated me like a princess and was entirely devoted to my pleasure. He gave me such a strong clitoral orgasm that when I watch at the video afterward, I find myself feeling a bit shy from seeing myself in such ecstasy. After that, it was easy for him to make me squirt like a fountain. Even if he wanted to please me only I could not resist the urge to make him cum too, so I gave a very passionate blowjob in return for his love… Continue reading

Cum on Me


There is something very artistic about drops of cum. When Max comes on me, I don’t know if it’s because he is special, but it always looks very beautiful. The drops are all shiny and pearly and take different shapes. There is always a lot of it and it always has the perfect consistency, perfectly liquid and no lumps… In this video gorgeous video you’ll get to see Max make love to me and spill his exquisite juice on my tummy. With his sperm still on me he uses his fingers to make me squirt all over the couch, leaving me all wet from our various fluids… Continue reading

Feminine Pleasure Tease


Here is a little photoset we did just after the video Feminine Pleasure we’ve posted this week at Pornographic Love. I was still so horny even after that wonderful orgasm and you can see it in my eyes… Max was very very turned on to see me like that so let me tell you that we had a lot more sex that day… I think we might have hit a new record for the amount of orgasms in a single day, and we absolutely loved it. Continue reading