Passionate Lovemaking Bathed in Beautiful Daylight


Lily and Max are having passionate lovemaking bathed in beautiful daylight

This week’s video really took advantage of our beautiful surroundings. Max and I wanted to create a luscious looking video where you could really enjoy the softness of the afternoon sunshine as it soaked through the window and onto my skin. We have shot all kind of videos but there is always a special quality to those that make use of the daylight as a means of lighting and illumination.

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Can Sex Just Be Physical?



One of the great things about our job here at Pornographic Love is that I get to have sex on camera with the man that I love. It is not the usual porn set up where I am just working with any actor that is going to be in the film. Of course most porn actors are good at creating chemistry with total strangers but it doesn’t always work. That’s why it’s nice that I just work with Max (and sometimes with other women I know). Since we are a couple, we know what each other likes and we know how to touch each other just perfectly so that we receive the maximum amount of pleasure. But it got me thinking, do you have to be in a relationship to have great sex?

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Sex Misconceptions

buzzfeed list

Admit it, when you were a kid you probably had some confusing ideas about sex. We saw this Buzzfeed list recently of things that people believed about sex when they were kids and it had us laughing for a very long time! A lot of the beliefs were just general misconceptions about anatomy like the one listed above.  Continue reading

Love and Sexting



If you’ve looked at our website in the last several weeks, you would have seen our photo set called Taking Sexy Selfies. The title is exactly what it sounds like. Max photographed me while I was taking some very sexy selfies for him. Of course our version is a little bit different than the average person but it got me thinking about how technology has changed relationships and even sex.

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Authentic Love and Shared Pleasure

Authentic Love and Shared Pleasure 3

This week’s video explores something that most people are probably familiar with. You know that feeling. Having slow sensual lovemaking is great but sometimes your body aches for more. That’s how I felt this week. My pussy was throbbing and desperate to be filled up by Max’s beautiful cock. But I needed more than just that. I needed him to grab my body and fuck me harder, so that I could feel his strength with each movement.

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Spontaneous and Passionate Anal Lovemaking


There are so many ways that a couple can give each other pleasure. I find that the longer  you are with someone, the more you are open to experimenting with new and interesting ideas about sex and lovemaking. Anal sex is something that we have always wanted to try. You may have noticed that in some of our other videos, Max puts his finger in my ass while he is making love to me. It is something extra that adds to my pleasure when we are making love. Continue reading

Totally Naked For Lovemaking


Do you ever feel stressed out? I feel that way from time to time. That’s why I feel so lucky to have Max. When he and I are together, even if it’s just for a little while I can concentrate on being with him and not worry so much. They say that sex is a great stress reliever and I think it’s true! When Max and I make love I can feel myself relax and feel the tension melting out of my body.

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Playful Tease At Bedtime


Sometimes you have one of those restless nights when you can’t get off to sleep. That’s how I was feeling in this set of photos. I wanted to stay up and have fun just like a little kid who tries to stay up past bedtime. Lucky for Max, when I am in this kind of playful mood it benefits him as well. The good thing is that making love can calm me down so that I can finally go to sleep. Do you ever feel like this?

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Delightful Foreplay and Kissing For Some Passionate Sex


Sometimes you are with your lover and want to have fast, tearing your clothes off kind of sex. But other times you want to take it slowly and explore each other’s bodies very carefully. Our latest video update shows Max and me having this kind of sex. We slow it down and enjoy every little touch and kiss from each other. Sex is always enjoyable but sometimes it’s even better when you can take your time to really appreciate your lover’s body.

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