Sexy Rubbing and Licking As a Prelude To Love


I just love when my man is giving me a lot of attention before making love to me, he truly knows how to prepare my body to receive him. He takes his time, he tease me, he blow here and there… I moan a bit, I want more.

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Lustful Tease in My Boyfriends Sweatshirt


In this week’s photo update :

“I can’t resist at teasing you when I’m slipping into your clothing… It might be your smell imprinted in the fabric or the fact the it so big for me that it covers just enough skin to hide what needs to be and expose what deserve to be. You look at me but you have to touch me and expose my body. I can see how much you want me and I just want to give you as much pleasure as you make me feel loved. Lily xx”

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My Sweet Girlfriend


In the latest photo update, you can see me from the eyes of my man…

It was a simple sunny Winter morning and he decided to take the camera and spy on me while I was laying down on the sofa. He said I was so beautiful by the window but I was feeling a bit sleepy. It’s pleasing to feel that Max find me sexy even when I don’t feel like and that he truly desire me for who I am.

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Red Stockings and Fucking



Max and I are not especially into lingerie or sexy outfits, but I know that when it comes to stockings, Max is easily turned on… As our style is more casual than fancy, we have a special attachment to wool or cotton socks and stockings… In our videos I have already used my white and dark gray ones but I suspect that the red ones are Max’s favorites… Continue reading