Sex Misconceptions

buzzfeed list

Admit it, when you were a kid you probably had some confusing ideas about sex. We saw this Buzzfeed list recently of things that people believed about sex when they were kids and it had us laughing for a very long time! A lot of the beliefs were just general misconceptions about anatomy like the one listed above.  Continue reading

Porn SFW

I don’t know if you’ve have seen this promotional video from the clothing brand Diesel that was adding funny cartoons over vintage porn ? It’s maybe 3 years old but Max and I came across it and we found it just brilliantly hilarious !  This is such a good idea to turn NSFW to SFW, and the choices of the drawings is absolutely amazing…

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Sander Reijgers’s Art

So I came across this on the internets and I found it totally awesome! This artist named Sander Reijgers is using blow-up dolls parts to create clothing and accessories. It is not something I would wear, but I find the idea very interesting and it’s beautiful. I especially like the “Stigmata” vagina gloves and the “Mama Anders” hoodies… Here are some examples of his work…


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