Beautiful Face Sitting and Deep Orgasms


A big part of Max and I sex life is based on oral sex and masturbation. And I can tell that my orgasms are very different and a lot more intense when Max give me a good cunnilingus. I’m definitely a clitoral woman, that means that I achieve more easily and that my orgasms are more satisfying when my clitoris is stimulated than only vaginal or anal penetration… Off course, a finger slipped  inside my butt or my pussy is always more than welcome… In this week’s update, you can witness my strong and deep orgasm when I’m sitting on Max’s face while he is masturbating… Continue reading

69 Reasons

2011-06-28-69-reasons-4 copy

The 69 position is definitely my favorite… Since I’m very orally fixated, in that position I can suck my man as long as I want because I am on the top and I have the control…

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