Passionate Lovemaking Bathed in Beautiful Daylight


Lily and Max are having passionate lovemaking bathed in beautiful daylight

This week’s video really took advantage of our beautiful surroundings. Max and I wanted to create a luscious looking video where you could really enjoy the softness of the afternoon sunshine as it soaked through the window and onto my skin. We have shot all kind of videos but there is always a special quality to those that make use of the daylight as a means of lighting and illumination.

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Love and Creampie On The Kitchen Table


When I tease my man, he gets the message…

In our latest video, Max and I are intensely making love on our yellow kitchen table.┬áHim taking off my panties and licking my already wet pussy are just the first step on our way to shared climax. I can feel that he truly wants me to have pleasure as much as he do and for that he know all the tricks… He use his talented tongue, his skillful fingers and his perfect hard cock to make me beg for more…

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Passionate Sex and Creampie in the Kitchen


When Max and I are making love, there is something we find very exciting as a couple… We love it when he comes inside of me. So this week’s video update is about the wonderful creampie he gave me. I find it extremely arousing to see all Max’s sperm on my body when he ejaculates all over me… It’s a way for me to see and measure all the pleasure that our lovemaking has given him, but I know that for him, coming inside me is special. What I like in this video is that we had sex in the kitchen in front of our washroom door mirror, so for once I had the chance to see it all flowing out of my warm pussy… Continue reading