Lily and Bella Lesbian Love Games


My sweet friend Bella came to visit us! We had such fun times, like every time we see her… Her skin is so soft and she is so sensual that we could not resist to play some little love games together. We rarely invite other persons in our sex life but when we do it’s always together and with people we both truly like. Continue reading

Warm Me Up


Mutual oral sex is marvelous. I know I’m repeating myself, but  it is truly my favorite sex act. To give and to receive pleasure at the same time like that is always for me the best way to have enormous orgasms and I know it’s the same for Max too. We could literally stay in that position all day long and never tire of it… Continue reading

Oral and Facial


As you know, I love to 69. It is mainly because I totally adore oral sex. In this video, you can see how much Max makes me cum with his warm mouth and his soft tongue while I am on top of him sucking his delicious penis. I came so hard that I did not even realize that I was making him cum at the same time. He came a lot all over my face… Continue reading

Tails of Sex


This little film is very very naughty… Max and I were performing oral sex in my favourite position, the “69”. He is so good with his tongue that he gave me a strong clitoral orgasm while I was sitting on his face, he totally know how my body works. Continue reading

69 Reasons

2011-06-28-69-reasons-4 copy

The 69 position is definitely my favorite… Since I’m very orally fixated, in that position I can suck my man as long as I want because I am on the top and I have the control…

Continue reading