Spontaneous and Passionate Anal Lovemaking


There are so many ways that a couple can give each other pleasure. I find that the longer  you are with someone, the more you are open to experimenting with new and interesting ideas about sex and lovemaking. Anal sex is something that we have always wanted to try. You may have noticed that in some of our other videos, Max puts his finger in my ass while he is making love to me. It is something extra that adds to my pleasure when we are making love. Continue reading

Pretty Lily All Oily


Oil makes everything sexier! Okay, maybe that is a bit of an overstatement but just think about all the times that oil makes you feel sexy. Like when you get it rubbed all over your body at the beach before you lay out in the sun. Or when you see a body builder with oil glistening all over his muscles. It doesn’t just make everything look better, it makes it feel better too. If you don’t agree then maybe you haven’t experienced the intensity of a super oily lovemaking session.

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Tantric Masturbation With Some Licking

It happens so suddenly. One minute you are enjoying some leisure time on the couch and the next minute you are overcome with the urge to give your lover pleasure in any way possible. It is as if the wind changes and suddenly you can’t control yourself. That is how I felt in our latest video. Perhaps I was feeling sexy in my thigh high socks or maybe it was just sexual tension between me and Max. Either way, I knew that I needed to have him right away so I began giving him a long tantric blowjob while he rubbed my pussy as well.  The result was beautiful.


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Girlband ADAM Orgasms While Singing


Have you seen this pretty audacious and unusual music video from Aussie girlband ADAM running viral on the Net lately? These girls surely knows how to get attention since they’ve filmed themselves experiencing orgasm while singing their single “Go to Go”.         Continue reading

A Juicy Orgasm For Her


Every now and then I like it when Max puts all of his attention on me and that’s what you’ll see in our newest video. Max was incredible with the way he touches me. He knows how to bring me to an intense squirting orgasm and today he did it again. I think you’ll enjoy seeing how we endeavour together to create a beautiful gushing orgasm.

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Daydream In Green Summer Dress




I love wearing fun flirty dresses and this green summer dress was the perfect style for me to tease Max. This dress is short and I love letting Max get a peak of my body. He knows my body so well already but it’s still more fun to be playful and let him only see a little bit of me at first. I feel so sexy when I know he’s watching me and eager to see more.

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A Beautiful Handjob In The Daylight

Isn’t it wonderful how much joy you can get from performing a simple sex act on your lover? In our latest video I gave Max a handjob. So many people think that you have to do only blowjobs or regular sex but I have perfected my handjob technique over the years and I know just how to touch Max to bring him to the edge of bliss. In our home, these little moments spent together make us feel so connected and very erotic.



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