Taking Sexy Selfies


Our latest set of photos shows me doing something that most people in a relationship do: I am taking sexy selfies! I love doing this because it is an easy way to let Max know that I am thinking about him. Plus when I pose like this I get to have extra fun showing off my body and knowing that it will brighten my lover’s day.

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Cute Tease And Lovemaking In White Sneakers

One of the things I like most about running Pornographic Love with Max is that I get to have fun in front of the camera. In this photo shoot I was feeling especially cute in my outfit. When I feel like this I just want to play on the bed and tease Max before finally letting him touch me all over. I also wanted to make sure that Max got some good shots of my sneakers. I know you want to see my body but I had to show off my sneakers too!


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Shared Orgasm In Cute Sneakers


There are so many incredible things about making love but every now and then there is an extra special experience: the shared orgasm. It doesn’t happen a lot but when it does it makes me feel like I am even more connected to Max in a physical and emotional way that I didn’t think was possible before. I thought this video would be about me showing off my super cute outfit but it turned out to be about so much more. Have you ever shared an orgasm with your lover?

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Beautiful Fellatio In The Sunlight


There are so many great ways to please your man. I’ve said before that one of the secrets to great sex is taking your time to explore your partner’s body and that’s exactly what I’m doing in this video. I decided to give Max a dazzling and luscious blowjob. I never rush through it. Instead I let him feel every inch of my mouth wrapped around his cock. I tantalize him with my tongue. You can guess what happens after that….

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After Shower Lovemaking



Isn’t it funny how you can get distracted when you’re in love? I was having a regular start to my day and was fresh out of the shower when Max and I decided to make love. When we make love it is so beautiful and intimate that I can’t resist it. Maybe I needed to have a new shower after we were done but a good session of lovemaking is still worth it, don’t you think?


My skin is soft and fresh out of the shower. I am clean but I am excited for you to make me dirty again. Use your tongue to slide over my folds of flesh. Come inside of me and let us feel connected in this moment. I love the way you focus on making love to me and making my world explode. Thanks baby. xx Lily

You can watch this intimate video and find more videos and photos of our beautiful erotic love life at Pornographic Love.