Tempting You In My Green Dress


Ladies, there’s nothing better than giving your boyfriend a bit of a tease, right? In our latest photos I put on a sexy dress that clings to my skin. I love showing off in front of Max. It’s so much fun when I make him wait. The way that I show off my body and move in sexy poses makes me feel so sensual and powerful. Do you like to tease your lover in this way?

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Totally Naked For Lovemaking


Do you ever feel stressed out? I feel that way from time to time. That’s why I feel so lucky to have Max. When he and I are together, even if it’s just for a little while I can concentrate on being with him and not worry so much. They say that sex is a great stress reliever and I think it’s true! When Max and I make love I can feel myself relax and feel the tension melting out of my body.

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Spontaneous Seduction leading To love


I was feeling very casual when we started off this photo set. Like most people, I enjoy a bit of downtime to relax and play with my phone. I was super comfortable because I was wearing Max’s button up shirt and it is so big in me. When I wear it, it feels like a big hug around my body. But pretty soon I could tell that Max was getting turned on. I can’t resist him when he feels like that so I decided to have some fun with him…

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Oral Love With a Spilled Cumshot On My Breast


You’ve seen many times the way that I like to please Max orally. I am completely open about how much I enjoy giving blowjobs. Maybe I like it because I am the one in control and I can give Max as much or as little excitement as I want. I love the way I can speed up or slow down when I suck his beautiful cock. Of course the best part is when he orgasms. In this video update you get to see all of that including Max leaving a gorgeous spray of cum all over my breasts.

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Bedtime Foreplay


One of the most important things about successful lovemaking is taking  your time with it. Sometimes people want to rush through it and they treat sex like a job – that is no fun. You need to slow down the pace and most importantly, explore your lover’s body. Learn what your lover wants and help your lover to learn what you like in return. In this set of photos, Max and I are slowly giving each other pleasure and letting ourselves enjoy every minute of it. No rushing allowed…

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An Intimate and Beautiful Lovemaking in Black Stockings


I have that look in my eyes. You know that I need you right now and I can’t wait any longer. There’s no time to get fully undressed, we just touch each other and move our clothes out of the way. It feels like a torrid love affair the way we lust for each other and yet it’s an honest reflection of how much we are attracted to each other.

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Playful Tease At Bedtime


Sometimes you have one of those restless nights when you can’t get off to sleep. That’s how I was feeling in this set of photos. I wanted to stay up and have fun just like a little kid who tries to stay up past bedtime. Lucky for Max, when I am in this kind of playful mood it benefits him as well. The good thing is that making love can calm me down so that I can finally go to sleep. Do you ever feel like this?

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Delightful Foreplay and Kissing For Some Passionate Sex


Sometimes you are with your lover and want to have fast, tearing your clothes off kind of sex. But other times you want to take it slowly and explore each other’s bodies very carefully. Our latest video update shows Max and me having this kind of sex. We slow it down and enjoy every little touch and kiss from each other. Sex is always enjoyable but sometimes it’s even better when you can take your time to really appreciate your lover’s body.

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Some Tease In Pink Lingerie


Is there anything sexier than a set of brand new silky pink lingerie and a pair of tall black heels? I felt so seductive in this outfit that I had to share it with you. The luxurious fabric of my lingerie makes me feel like a classic pin-up beauty! Every girl wants to feel like this from time to time. I’m here on the couch posing just for you…

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People Want More Beautiful Loving Porn



I came across this very interesting article called “How would you improve internet porn?” on my favorite blog ever Vice.com. The article is some kind of a voxpop where they author simply walked around and asked some people, five guys and a girl according to the names and pictures, how they would improve porn on internet. As I was reading through I was happily surprised by the answers they were giving, porn should be less violent, safer for women and more genuine. Well, I felt they were pretty much describing what are doing with Pornographic Love!

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