Loving Blowjob In a Lace Top and High Heels

Truly enjoying giving pleasure to your partner is the key for an healthy and filled with love sexual relationship. Amongst the innumerable ways of offering that pleasure to him there is oral sex. In our latest video I decided to give Max a nice lustful blowjob. When I see the way that he reacts to my touch it gives me pleasure as well and we enjoy the sensual pleasure of this act together.

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Love Linked In Beautiful Sexual Embrace



Lovemaking can sometimes be intense and spontaneous… In this beautiful video update Max and I have truly let ourselves go, we just listened to our bodies and let our instinct lead us to pleasure. We made love standing naked and looking at each other, smiling, laughing and moaning until we reach an intense climax… Continue reading

Sweet seduction In Flashy Sneakers


I’ve always had a big love for sneakers shoes. Back in the days I was even collecting some very rare sneakers, I was a bit of a Sneakers Head. In the latest Pornographic Love photo set I go back to my roots and show my sexiness in pretty flashy AirMax90. I already knew that Max love my little tomboy side, he find it more sexy to watch me in my everyday clothes than in some fancy lingerie. So when he told me he find me so sexy with these shoes on, I couldn’t resist at teasing him… Continue reading

Our New member’s Blog


We are very glad to announce the released of our brand new PornographicLove.com members only blog!! We think that having a space where we can finally interact with our members is a great addition to the site. It was about time for Max and I to have a place where we can share a bit more about us and what’s happening behind the scenes of Pornographic Love.

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Welcoming The Spring With Our Love Making


I can’t wait for the Winter to finally leave us alone… At the end of the cold season I always have the blues and I feel a bit down.One say to take some vitamins but for me the best remedy for seasonal depression is sex! It filled my body with endorphins and bring my smile back. In this week’s new video we make love with the smile and we enjoy every second of pleasure it brings us. I suck his cock until he push me back to please me in return and when I about to reach climax he surounds me with his arms and he penetrate me with all his ardor. We make love like if we were celebrating life…     Continue reading

Teasing You In the Pink Light


It’s the first photo set we did in our new amazingly sensational big bed! The bed is King size and is very high, I almost to jump to get on it. The mattress all made of memory foam and is incredibly comfy… It is also I brand new playground for love making since the bed is high enough for Max to stay stand up when he penetrate me and it as all these metal bars all around for us to help us try new positions… I don’t want to tease you but it is the best bed in the world even if it is a bit dangerous to become an addict and want to enjoy your bed all day long… Continue reading

Sexy Rubbing and Licking As a Prelude To Love


I just love when my man is giving me a lot of attention before making love to me, he truly knows how to prepare my body to receive him. He takes his time, he tease me, he blow here and there… I moan a bit, I want more.

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Cute Tease On The Washing Machine


Every imaginable place can turn a sexy spot when I feel horny… So why not on the washing machine? It seems that my boyfriend find me sexy in all sorts of way I never though of. When I see the sparkle in his eyes it starts a fire in my heart and just feel like playing the game of teasing him. A sassy look, a little less clothes and I know how to turn it into a blaze of desire for us to consume…

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