Love and Creampie On The Kitchen Table


When I tease my man, he gets the message…

In our latest video, Max and I are intensely making love on our yellow kitchen table. Him taking off my panties and licking my already wet pussy are just the first step on our way to shared climax. I can feel that he truly wants me to have pleasure as much as he do and for that he know all the tricks… He use his talented tongue, his skillful fingers and his perfect hard cock to make me beg for more…

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Sensual Flirt on The Yellow Table


The weather is warming up and so do I, why not take a moment to tease my man…  I love this seasons because it represents life and renewal. Everything is waking up from a long sleep and so are my sassy instincts. It’s time to get my light dresses out from the closet and show my man how my slim body is still hot after a cold season hiding under tick clothes

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Oral Pleasure with Some Squirting on the Washing Machine



I know that my boyfriend is finding me sexy in all sorts of ways and situations that I cant expect. One of the situation in which he finds me especially sexy is when I’m doing laundry. When he gets the chance he sit around and watch me bend between the washer and the dryer…  Continue reading

Passionate and Genuine Loving Sex


What about some unplanned love making and some vibrant  orgasms? That’s exactly how it felt like when my boyfriend made love to me for our latest video… He arrived next to me and unexpectedly decided that he wanted me right here right now. Slowly he entwined me with his warm arms, he started  to kiss me and I could feel how hard he already was against me. He softly made me bend against the little chair and he pulled down my pink panties…

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Beautiful Love Making in the Winter Daylight


In this beautiful new video my boyfriend and I are sharing true loving sex moments by a beautiful winter morning. He prepared my tea, just to be nice and to makes me happy, then he took care of me by devoting himself for my lust and pleasure… He started by kissing me slowly, at first on the neck than on my lips. He found my already wet pussy and he slowly pressed my clit with his finger tips. I wanted him so bad…! Ummm just thinking about it and I want more of that delicious love he feed me with…. Continue reading

Blowjob in Red Stockings and an Hidden Cumshot


I love to tease my man… but a good tease should always end up with a candy :) And it is exactly what I’m doing in the latest video update at! I give him a long, soft and deep blowjob sprinkled with my boyfriend’s favourite : balls sucking… He when I kiss and lick them, they are very nicely sensitives to him and I can feel his cock beating at every touches of my tongue. Taking him in my mouth is something I find empowering and satisfying, it transforms me in a very sassy girl who wants to eat all the cookies in the jar… Continue reading