Max Gives Lily a Wonderful Squirting Orgasm


I can easily say that I’m the luckiest girlfriend in the world. My sweet boyfriend have so much bliss at giving me pleasure and he is so good at it. I don’t need to repeat that for now he is the only one who can give me squirting orgasms, he is like my Master of Squirt lol! Continue reading

Simple and Cute by the Window


I think that this week’s Pornographic Love photo really represent what our website is all about. It’s simple yet sexy and it shows the beautiful unplanned love moments we share Max and I in our everyday life. I love to tease my boyfriend and he enjoy being teased, what can be best ? :) I’m sitting by the window, wearing nothing but some stockings and his t-shirt, and I’m feeling sassy as hell. I just want to tease him until he can’t resist but jump in the scene with me…


“How come a simple every day life moment can turn out as an unplanned sexy feeling… With you my love it’s always possible. Something special between you and I is so reactive and fusional that when you look at me I feel that the wold stop turning. I love to seduce you as much as I love you seducing me… Love, Lily xx”

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Blowjob and Balls Sucking in the Sunlight


It’s been a while since Max and I posted a new video on our website but here we are, back at making beautiful alt sex videos for you to enjoy, share and climax to. This week we are very excited to share this super sexy and smooth blowjob video with you. We made it with a lot of love I hope you’ll enjoy it. It as a casual, everyday life kind of atmosphere and I truly devote my self for the love of making my boyfriend come… Continue reading