Feminist Porn Awards 2013 Nomination !!


I’m very happy to announce that our website Pornographic Love is nominated again this year at the Feminist Porn Awards !!! Continue reading

Morning Deep Penetration


When two persons love each other something special is happening. For some people it can be complicated but for Max and I it makes everything so much more simple. There is such a deep connection between us, you know the fusional kind, that make us capable of understanding each other desires and feeling a lot better. Because of that special bound lovemaking is very filling us up as we give and receive physical energy. I sometimes say that it “recharge my batteries” especially in this long end-of-winter… In this week’s video update Max and I are naked together simply making love in our warm bed, without flaflas…just some beautiful and deep lovemaking in the morning… Continue reading

My Tricks to (maybe) Achieve Squirting Orgams


I often receive questions about my “female ejaculation skills” so I have decided today to share with you my tricks on how to achieve a squirting orgasm. The most common questions I get are “how do you do ?” and “how does it feel” but I think that the real question is “Can every women is able to do it ?”. I think that yes we can all do it but it is not as easy for everyone…

For my part it was not that simple, let’s say that I’m not a “natural squirter” Max and I had to work on it… We wanted it to happen so we’ve tried different methods, I also did some research over Internet. I discovered that a lot of girls can squirt just when they touch the right (G)spot, even no needs to be arouse or excited. Some can even squirt with just a clitoral stimulation… and the Hitachi Magic Wand seems to be the weapon of choice. I did not reach that level yet but I’m working hard on it…lol

So here are my tricks in 8 points :  Continue reading

Monarchy X Dita Von Teese

I came across this absolutely brilliant music video of the band Monarchy featuring the stunning Dita Von Teese called “Disintegration” ! And not only she is appearing in the video but she is also singing, and amazingly she does it… The video was directed by Roy Raz who I’ve discover is a very talented young Israeli director. According to Andrew Armstong, one of the band members  Dita’s character in the video is “A 1950s style housewife stuck in a toxic, dry relationship. She’s fantasizing, releasing herself in a dream world of lovers”…

The song is very good, like I really love it and this music video made me discover Monarchy but when I’ve look for more from the band I did not liked it as much as this… I don’t really like the voice of the singer and it reminds me of some kind of a “way too much inspired by The Presets” to be innovative. And The Presets is for sure one of my favourite band EVER so I don’t think I’ll become the biggest fan of Monarchy… Still that song is very good and I now have it in my Ipod :)

Orgasms in Black and White


In this week’s video update Max and I have decided to go a bit different…

It all happen in an unpredictable way. We were making love, a real good love session, and after we both had delicious orgasms I decided that I wanted more so I used my Hitachi in front of Max. As Max is a real voyeur he got very turned on and he could not resist at taking the camera to look at me behind the lenses… Than he got very turned on so we kind of did not really took care of what the video might look like, it was not meant to be an official video update for the site but just a very sexy video in “amateur style” just for us to watch… Continue reading