Erotic Love and Powerful Squirting


For me this video is a real demonstration of the kind of extremely bonded couple Max and I are. Through the sexual energy we share, I can see how much we are meant to be together. When we are making love we are connecting like I’ve never experienced before with anyone else… Continue reading

Sander Reijgers’s Art

So I came across this on the internets and I found it totally awesome! This artist named Sander Reijgers is using blow-up dolls parts to create clothing and accessories. It is not something I would wear, but I find the idea very interesting and it’s beautiful. I especially like the “Stigmata” vagina gloves and the “Mama Anders” hoodies… Here are some examples of his work…


Continue reading

Sweet Teasing in Seductive Pastels


This is a very cute photo set, all in the smooth pastel colors of the daylight… I’m simply sitting in our comfy bed and reading a book. I’m all relaxed by myself and Max can’t resist, of course, to take pictures of me. I confess, it makes me feel sexy and you can really see it in the photos. Continue reading

Kissing Leading to a Sensual Blowjob


It amaze me sometimes how my sexual connection with Max┬áis still so strong… Kissing him and tasting him just drives me crazy! In this photo set you can see how much I transform into my full sexual self with the help of his languorous kisses and caresses. Continue reading