Amazing Passionate Sex with Hitachi Magic Wand


As promised, here is the second part of Max and I fun time in our messy room! (I just want to clarify that our room is not always like that, I’m usually a clean person but sometimes you know it happens…) So when Max takes pictures of me he always become very excited, I guess he has the “guy with a camera”¬†syndrome… Continue reading

Sexy Teasing Strewn Amidst my Clothes


This pictures set is all about me being sassy in my very messy room… Every time I want to get sexy for Max I look through ALL my clothing. I don’t know why I do that because I know what clothing I have in my drawers. It’s not like some new stuff would magically¬† appear in my wardrobe, you know. But the result is always the same and it gets messy in our tiny room. But it seems that my man found it sexy to see me in the middle of it, like a girl in her messy teenage room… Continue reading