Blowjob and Seductive Dance on Dubstep


It’s a fact that I love music, I am a music-aholic… So when I came across this song, it was such a turn-on! I love downtempo and dubstep music, it makes me feel sexy… And when I feel sexy I love to tease my boyfriend. I barely wear anything, no panties of course and I dance for him along with the deep bass lines… Continue reading

Blowjobs Make Me Horny


After I had teased Max while wearing his plaid shirt and  nothing else in our latest photo set, I couldn’t resist to play with Max’s beautiful penis… So this next photo shoot is like the continuation of that very fun and sexy time we had together. We are just as horny but this time it’s Max who has the horns… And me, I delight in his delicious and sweet cock. Continue reading

Wild Girl On the Edge


In this very sexy photo set I am really horny! Funny play on words because of course I’m generally a bit steamy, but also because of the angle we’ve used for taking some of the pictures. Our horn ornament is positioned over my head and it looks like I have horns, like adear-woman. But I know I might be the only one who think it’s funny probably because I see English differently because I mainly speak French and also because I find play on words crazy funny. Continue reading

Unexpected Handjob in Tight Blue Jeans


When I am feeling particularly sassy, I really enjoy surprising my boyfriend with a sex threat of sorts… In this week’s video update, I give Max a simple but skillful handjob right there in our kitchen. He was about to eat toast with some of my delicious homemade blueberry jam, but I arrived at the right moment to give him the sweetness he deserved. When he felt my warm breasts on his back and my tight jeans under his hands, he knew he was about to get spoiled… Continue reading

Special Guest: Bob Coulter


To continue with this special week, we have decided to use the talent of another photographer to create one of this week’s photo updates…

Bob Coulter is a New York City-based photographer and he runs the amazing alt website I had the chance to take some creative photos with him during my last trip to the Big Apple and it was such a cool experience… I can’t wait to go back to make more photos with him! Continue reading

Squirt Compilation!


We had received several comments and requests concerning our squirt videos… It seems that people wanted to see more amazing juicy female orgasms lately, so we have decided that it was the perfect time to give our viewers a squirt compilation video. My boyfriend Max and I have a special love for this so beautiful sexual act. It took time for us to achieve it but now that we can experience it we are very proud to share it with you… Continue reading