Intimate Blowjob in the Cozy Bedroom


Giving blowjobs might be my favourite sexual activity… I don’t exactly know why, maybe it’s because I am a very oral girl (in every sense of the term…) So, in this week’s video update, I’m offering myself up as a treat while Max is comfortably laying in the bed. I was wearing a very cute two piece outfit made of a very satiny fabric and Max told me he loved the texture a lot. I passionately sucked his delicious cock and I took my time to delay his orgasm, that way I know that is pleasure would be a lot stronger… Continue reading

Nice Blowjob and Mouth Cumshot



I don’t know why but when I wear piggy tails I just feel so much sassier. And that’s what happened in this week’s video update on Pornographic Love.

I gave Max a pretty sweet little blowjob and, as much as I enjoy seeing the result of my efforts repaid by a flow of warm cum on my face or my body, I opted to let him come in my mouth.  I truly enjoy feeling him inside my mouth, admiring the texture and flavour as it overwhelms my senses. For the viewers it’s maybe less spectacular, but it’s very rewarding for me… Besides, I don’t forget to show it off. ;) Continue reading

La Crème de la Squirt


In one of her latest articles for a great blog called Peeperz, my friend Sophie Delancey wrote an extensive piece about squirting. But not juzt any squirting, la crème de la squirt! I love this title! Anyway, I was lucky enough to be mentioned in the article right next to big names like Jiz Lee, what an honor!

Here is what she said about squirting : Continue reading

Cute Kitsch and Sensual Sex on Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day!

As a very close and loving couple, we couldn’t simply pass over a day devoted to the celebration of love… Max and I had such a fun time at a little motel, sharing our love in a red heart-shaped bathtub. This place was so kitschy that we had no choice but really play up our fun side and make a sexy video out of it… Continue reading

Interview at


I just wanted to let you know that last week the WONDERFUL blog released an interview with me by Skye Blue!

First of all, is an awesome website. It’s well done, well written and it is all about what girls who are into porn would love.  I am very happy that they had an interest in our work and that they wanted to ask me to answer some questions. Interviews are always very special for me because, first, I am not used to doing them and it sounds very glamorous to say “Hey, I had an interview…” Second, it gives me the chance to talk about what we truly want to share with the world and it’s easier to explain it when I am asked about it. She called the article “Lilyanne Bloom’s Pornographic Love : Putting The L.O.V.E. Back Into Porn”, which I think is the nicest title for an article about our work!”

My favorite part of the interview is the introduction she has written:

“If you’re the type of woman who prefers porn that features realistic and passionate sex that is beautifully shot, extra hot and super sexy then Lilyanne Bloom’s very aptly named website Pornographic Love is something you don’t want to miss. You see, Lilyanne and her boyfriend Max are doing their best to bring love back into porn – without skimping on any of the good stuff true porn fans really want to see. The site’s content includes incredibly erotic and artfully filmed clips of Lilyanne and Max that highlight the couple’s great chemistry and passion for each other. No weird positions, fake screaming or feigned interest here. Just two people in love, who really enjoy having sex in front of a camera.”

She totally caught what we are all about and it really touches me to know that people can see what we’re trying to achieve with our site… The rest of the interview is very interesting and I hope that you will all read it because it shares a lot about me and about Pornographic Love… I also suggest that you register for this great website full of community aspects, great articles and very hot porn!

Soaked Orgasmic Pleasures


In our latest video I totally pleased myself with a marvelous new sex toy… It’s very rare that I do that, but I think it’s definitely not going to be the last time… Continue reading

Drive : The Movie

I am so excited!  The movie Drive is finally available in DVD here in Canada! Since I travelled to Vienna, I have wanted to share this awesome movie with Max. I had watched it like 3 times on the plane already… I know it’s a bit obsessive and honestly it’s very rare that I get hooked on a movie like that, especially an action one, but this one is truly excellent.

It’s not a movie that I would have watched just by reading the description, because it seemed to be too cheesy-action-American-blockbuster for me but, my brother insisted that I watch it on the plane… By the way, the plan was quite awesome because we all had personal screens with a HUGE selection of movies and TV series, some of them were not even released in DVD. It also had new albums by Bjork and DJ Shadow! Awesome.

Anyway, I’d like to mention that the story is based on a book by James Sallis and that the very talented artistic director is named Hossein Amini, and he is also the screenwriter and the Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn gives the incredible aesthetic to this perfect movie … The main  character is played by the ultra sexy Ryan Gosling.  He is very hot and Canadian too. Here is the trailer, but even this doesn’t do justice to the movie…

Continue reading

Lovely Pin-up Blowjob



Max and I had so much fun shooting this video! It’s surely the most fun blowjob we have ever had the privilege of shooting. If you look at my face, eyes and mouth, I am smiling during pretty much the whole video. I took my time to get ready for him and I am sure it really excited him… It’s fun to feel so feminine with pink flowers in my hair and to wear the rockabilly look that Max really likes. It felt like the perfect way to start off a blowjob together. The primping ritual, especially with such a sweet and soft look, is a great way to seduce him and even myself. Continue reading