Warm Me Up


Mutual oral sex is marvelous. I know I’m repeating myself, but  it is truly my favorite sex act. To give and to receive pleasure at the same time like that is always for me the best way to have enormous orgasms and I know it’s the same for Max too. We could literally stay in that position all day long and never tire of it… Continue reading

I Love You Hard



Sometimes Max makes love to me very sensually and slowly, but sometimes he do fuck me very hard… and I love both. In this film, my loving boyfriend takes me from behind and give me his love in a very nice and deep way. I truly adore feeling small and fragile in his arms when he penetrates me, he is strong and I love to experience the strength with which he pounds me. Continue reading


I’m sure most of you have seen it already as it has been in the news here in Montreal and probably everywhere… The Benetton marketing campaign called unHated is surely already very controversial. For me, I am not really shocked at all. I think that campaigning for love and against hate is probably the greatest cause to defend. Their concept is based on a little video and on some public actions like deploying huge ads in some very busy public areas. The series of pictures representing some Heads of State kissing are just wonderful, it’s a perfect photo montage but it’s clear for me that it was pure provocation to bring attention to the company…


Continue reading

Cum on Me


There is something very artistic about drops of cum. When Max comes on me, I don’t know if it’s because he is special, but it always looks very beautiful. The drops are all shiny and pearly and take different shapes. There is always a lot of it and it always has the perfect consistency, perfectly liquid and no lumps… In this video gorgeous video you’ll get to see Max make love to me and spill his exquisite juice on my tummy. With his sperm still on me he uses his fingers to make me squirt all over the couch, leaving me all wet from our various fluids… Continue reading

Inspiration Time


I love to tease my boyfriend… I especially love to get undressed and do simple things like wash the dishes or read a magazine, just knowing that he is watching me. That’s exactly what is happening in this video… Continue reading

Languorous Love


I love it when Max comes inside of me. It’s for me very exciting to see his juice on my body , feeling the warmth of his cumshot on my face. But it’s like the ultimate gift to feel his sperm slowly fill my pussy and I love so much to feel it seep out gently onto our bodies. It’s so beautiful to see that milky liquid flowing out of my pink pussy… Continue reading

Feminine Pleasure Tease


Here is a little photoset we did just after the video Feminine Pleasure we’ve posted this week at Pornographic Love. I was still so horny even after that wonderful orgasm and you can see it in my eyes… Max was very very turned on to see me like that so let me tell you that we had a lot more sex that day… I think we might have hit a new record for the amount of orgasms in a single day, and we absolutely loved it. Continue reading

Red Flower Blowjob


This has been one of my favourite fellatio videos we’ve ever made. The simplicity of a beautiful red flower in my long dark hair makes me feel more feminine, soft and sensual so my mind automatically drifts to sex every time. I love making my boyfriend feel special when I’m in that kind of mood so a blowjob was the perfect way to give him the pleasure he deserve. Now it’s almost like a little sign for us. If he sees that I’ve got a flower in my hair, chances are good that I’m in the mood to give him an especially doting blowjob. Continue reading

Red Stockings and Fucking



Max and I are not especially into lingerie or sexy outfits, but I know that when it comes to stockings, Max is easily turned on… As our style is more casual than fancy, we have a special attachment to wool or cotton socks and stockings… In our videos I have already used my white and dark gray ones but I suspect that the red ones are Max’s favorites… Continue reading

Red Flower Tease


My boyfriend and I did these pictures just for fun when we were shooting the video Red Flower Blowjob… I thought you would like to see them. :)