Oily Massage


Max and I enjoy giving sexy massages to each other. The feeling of the oil sliding along curves and the shine it gives to our skin is so exciting and every touch become so sensual. When I am fully oiled up, I just want to rub my body against Max and enjoy the feeling that my pussy and my asshole could be so easily penetrated by him… Continue reading

Autumn Girl


Last week Max and I were feeling a little extra naughty and we decided to use the balcony to shoot some cute pictures of me… We’ve been eyeing this part of the balcony for so long now because the vines are so beautiful when they change colors. Continue reading

Beautiful Fountain


If you are like us, witnessing the true pleasure on the face of a woman and seeing a beautiful jet of womanly juice a huge turn on. In this video we tried to show you how masturbation and oral sex are so exciting for us. No need to always have penetration as part of a sex session because sensual touches and caresses at the right places are as wonderful and satisfying… Continue reading

Oral and Facial


As you know, I love to 69. It is mainly because I totally adore oral sex. In this video, you can see how much Max makes me cum with his warm mouth and his soft tongue while I am on top of him sucking his delicious penis. I came so hard that I did not even realize that I was making him cum at the same time. He came a lot all over my face… Continue reading

Notre Jour Viendra


Tuesday night I went to see the movie “Notre jour viendra” by Romain Gavras. I don’t know if you know him, but you have maybe seen his two famous music video for Justice and M.I.A . It’s his first full-length feature film and  it was also his American premiere. It took place at the Cinema Imperial, which is a very beautiful old looking theater and my brother and I were sitting at the balcony with a wonderful view…

The story is about two men, a young student and a older psychiatrist played by Vincent Cassel, both with red-hair. Throughout the whole movie they fight with themselves on a violent journey to Ireland… The aesthetic is beautiful and it was punctuated with humor and anachronisms. The interplay between the actors and the music by Sebastian really balanced well and made the film wonderful. Because the music videos he made before are quite violent and geared towards protest, I imagined that the movie would be like that, but it isn’t really. Even though it had violence, I came out of the theater with an impression that the movie was funny… I think that this is not the movie of the year, but Romain Gavras is certainly a filmmaker to follow.

This music video really impressed me…

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

Sex and Books


This video is full of intense sensual sex. It was one of these afternoon where we were cozy at home and we just kept passing by each other. We couldn’t resist the urge to touch or kiss each time and, well you know the rest. When Max is rubbing his cock over my pussy, it feels simply irresistible and I want him to penetrate me just like that, right where we are…. Continue reading

The XX

Recently I have been listening a lot to The XX’s album. I had kind of forgotten about it but I rediscovered it in my music library couple weeks ago. I was surprised to see their music videos because their look and image doesn’t fit with the idea I had made of it in my mind… I was imaginating them more as hipsters, but in fact they looks like they are coming right out of the 90’s… Anyway, their music is great and I can’t wait for them to release a new album…

There is no video for this one but it is my favorite song so far…

Continue reading

Autumn Lovers


This video is probably one of our more fun and intimate at the same time. The neighbor was just under us in the yard so we were very close to each other, talking in each others’ ears… When I am stroking Max I have the control of his pleasure and that is something that I love.  The fact that we were there, having a naughty little encounter, and that the neighbors were right there and that they didn’t have any idea…  Well, it was such a thrill and a turn on for us, we are kind of exhibitionist I guess… Continue reading

Rainy Day Blowjob


I love to suck my boyfriend’s cock. Giving pleasure to him is as fun for me than receiving pleasure from him can be and sometimes I just feel that I want to make him cum in my mouth so badly I can hardly even stand it… and this is exactly what is happening in this video. A long, smooth and languorous blowjob made with all my love.


“Fall is already here and the days are often rainy… I really miss the sun, but I can count on you to make my days shine. Sucking you like I did today is the only thing I want to do in such grey weather… Making you cum like that makes me happy and fills me up with warmth… You are my sunshine. Lilyanne xxx”


Rain or shine, you should definitely take a closer look at this update, because it is so full of exactly the kind of loving pleasure we care so much for. If you like sensuality and passion visit our beautiful porn website Pornographic Love, because that’s where all the pleasure really comes to life…

James Blake

I discovered this great artist this summer through my brother’s girlfriend and I can say that it was definitely the soundtrack of my summer… His music is a blend of Soul, R&B and Dubstep and it is so sensual with the poetic lyrics and a whole lot of bass. It is the perfect music to make love on. Continue reading