Simply Sex


We called this video Simply Sex because it depict sex at is best, simple and beautiful… We just made love very naturally until Max come on my breasts and neck… He makes such amazing cumshots. I LOVE watching his juice flowing on my body and I mean a lot of it… It’s so erotic to feel all warm and wet from his pleasure… Continue reading

Tails of Sex


This little film is very very naughty… Max and I were performing oral sex in my favourite position, the “69”. He is so good with his tongue that he gave me a strong clitoral orgasm while I was sitting on his face, he totally know how my body works. Continue reading

Love, Sex, Squirt


My boyfriend know so well how to make me reach the sky. The way he kiss me and caress me at the same is like a big warm wave of pleasure. With him the sex is always passionate and he truly know how to make me cum and squirt… Continue reading

Sex Me On The Counter


In this very beautiful video, Max and I are having sex in our kitchen. As we are often hanging around naked in the apartment, it happens more and more easily that we end up making love in some unexpected places. Like on the kitchen counter right next to the sink…Right up against the dish rack. Continue reading